HSD Hard Float

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HSD's hard dive floats are made from the standard large life guard floats.

This is the most widely used dive float in Hawaiian waters because of it's durability in shallow reef conditions. Diver's often swim on top of the float to protect their body against the reef.

The flost is 33 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 7 inches thick. The blank has one 2.6 Tuna clip (multi-use) and one 3.5 Tuna clip with swivel (connector for tag lines) connected to the front.

Float also comes with:

  • Two 2.6 Tuna Clips on the rear
  • 2 lb. weight on the under-side
  • Flag mount, 2ft. long flag pole, 12" x 14" diver down flag
  • 10 inch. fish kui (stringer)


* Tag line is not included