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This 3mm Yazbeck wetsuit is warmer than your average 3mm neoprene wetsuits.

1. The neoprene is 100% Yamamoto, Japan.
2. The Outside fabric lamination used is 100% LYCRA which has 4 times more stretch than Nylon and 5 times that of Polyester.
3. Unlike Nylon, Lycra’s stretches 4 ways, whereas Nylon which is a two-way stretch.
4. Lycra does not absorb water and is therefore much more hydrodynamic than any other fabric (Yes, that’s the same material used for Competition swimming and cycling suits
5. The inner lining is a combination of BioCeramics and Titanium Oxide coating on Open Cell and NOT the Aluminum Oxide as used by everyone else in the industry.
6. The suit is reinforced on all acupuncture points where the seams cross, with liquid Polyurethane and a heat applied Kevlar patch for added protection against accidental or stress tear.
7. The seat area is made of an abrasion resistance material, Kanoco, as well as the areas of the jacket where the clips are fixed, for added strength. This outstanding wetsuit was designed and manufactured by Roger Yazbeck, using a higher Yamamoto Neoprene grade than commercially available anywhere else in the world. Camo Lycra Outside – Split-Cell Inside (Open Cell) with our exclusive Titanium Oxide and Bio Ceramics lining, for ease of donning, added comfort and warmth and anti-bacterial properties. Anatomically cut (pre-shaped), waterproof seals on its ankles, and wrists as well as a special re-enforced chest loading pad. It is therefore tailored for a perfect anatomical fit.