Maxiflex G-Tek 34-874 Gloves

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G-Tek Maxiflex Ultimate 34-874 Gloves provide flexibility, dexterity and comfort. Maxiflex Gloves are nitrile coated yet allow your fingers outstanding grip ability. Construction of Maxiflex 34-874 is based on the latest technology and is made of lightweight long lasting materials. They fit so well you sometimes can't tell you're wearing them, and they also breath easily to keep your hands cool and comfortable.

Featured Benefits:
•Black nitrile coated palm & finger tips
•Outstanding gripping ability
•Gray seamless knit nylon liner.
•Maintains cool and dry hands.
•Superior dexterity, sensitivity, tactility for better gripping.
•Produces least amount of lint and dust.
•Limited absorption helps maintain a soft liner
•Silicone free.

Applications: Used where dexterity and sensitivity are of critical importance, where superior grip is a necessity, such as the need to pickup or handle small oily parts and components, used in general assembly, machining, micro-engineering, automotive components, painting, horticulture and many other applications