Oceans In Action II (Dvd)

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OCEANS IN ACTION II an Out of Focus Production

On the Back Cover:

"Chris Gardinal and Sasa Bratic unleash yet another epic thriller that captures a cast of expert divers and specialists taking you deep into their world of underwater spearfishing. Out in the treacherous waters off the Atlantic coast, the Gulf of Mexico, and Central Pacific, the crew faces off against extreme depths, monster fish , and even bigger predators. Creatively paired with detailed narration and diver commentary, the film parallels action and education in a stream of pure intensity that will keep you watching your favorite sements over and over. Get ready to submerge yourself in thes action-packed battle and see how primal fear and heart pounding adrenaline are the least of your worries in the quest to make it back to the surface.

Narrated by Jim Runkle"

Running Time 90 Min.

Regular Price: $29.95