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If your item was received damaged or unusable, please contact us as soon as possible. We will only ship to a verifiable mailing address. We will not be held liable for any parcel mailed to the wrong address as entered by the customer. Please ensure that the shipping-to address is correct. In most cases, USPS will be the default shipping method however, circumstances such as shipping location, product size, and weight can be factors of using alternative shipping methods.

Free USPS Shipping Requirements:

  • Products that can fit into a 11"x 8-1/2"x5-3/4" box with a cart total over $50.00 is eligible for Free Shipping within the USA.
  • Example of eligible products:
    Masks, Snorkels, Hooks, Lights, Shirts, Rashguards, Knives, Etc... are items that qualify for free shipping. 
  • Items like Spearguns, 3-Prongs, Hard Floats, Fins, Lay Nets, Wetsuits, Etc... ARE NOT ELIGIBLE for Free Shipping.

A miss-match of eligible and non-eligible products in the shopping cart will result in regular shipping terms, so please look at the shipping options to see if the product(s) in the shopping cart do qualify for Free Shipping.

Shipping options will appear during the checkout phase after entering the information for the Ship-To-Address area and before entering your credit card information; the Free USPS Shipping option will appear if the product(s) meets the requirements.

Can only be processed as a single order. [No other product(s) in the shopping cart]

Shipping Insurance:
All orders totalling over $200.00 will have insurance included with the shipping price.

Other Shipping Notes:
If ordering a 3-Prong or Speargun with other products, creating two seperate orders might reduce the shipping costs...

International Orders:
There are a lot of countries that we will ship to, but also a lot of countries that we will not. Example would be Zimbabwe and Botswana, but will ship to South Africa. During check-out, you can check the valid countries that we sell to in the billing and shipping area.

Spearguns and Pole Spears are classified as dangerous projectiles by most international custom agencies and therefore, these items may not be eligible to ship internationally.

If you want to order a HSD Foreign Subscription, but your country is not listed, please e-mail us at

Please see the FAQ for other shipping notes.